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PBCS: A Real Life Lift and Shift - November 15, 2017

Is migrating to PBCS as easy as running LCM export/import? In this presentation, we'll take you through a real-life migration to PBCS. Along the way, we'll discuss our customer's initial concerns and how we were able to mitigate gaps to ensure a successful transition from on-premise to the Cloud. We'll compare our project plan to the actual tasks and milestones and we'll identify key customer resources contributions and final assessment. Join us to learn about the "gotchas" and some of the key decisions that were made throughout the project.

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Saving Money In The Cloud: How To Re-Engineer Your IT Spending In The Cloud - December 6, 2017

Business leaders won't settle for a vague promise such as "You will save some money in the cloud, but no one knows how much." With Tier1's ROI calculator, business people can get a precise estimate of the savings they can achieve in both operational expenses and capital expenses.

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How One Company Saved $1 Million By Leveraging Cloud-Licensing Terms - January 10, 2018

Tier1's expertise with Oracle technology and Oracle licensing terms allowed customer CrossMatch to save $1 million in licensing payments that Oracle claimed CrossMatch owed. This webinar will discuss how expertise in technology must be paired with expertise in licensing—and our friends from CrossMatch will join us in this lively discussion to share their personal experiences.

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Hybrid Clouds, Public Clouds, Private Clouds: What You Need To Know To Profit From The Cloud - February 7, 2018

We feel your pain—you've probably got a migraine from hearing the non-stop hype about "The Cloud!" This webinar's specifically designed to blow away the hype and to help you get a solid grasp on the business implications of the various cloud options. Focused on helping you pick the cloud approach that will be most beneficial to your business, this webinar will answer your questions on the attributes of public clouds, private clouds, and a mix of the two (hybrid). We'll also discuss how to make the cloud journey while also keeping and benefitting from the traditional systems.

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Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Or Hybrid Cloud: Which Is Best For Your Business? - March 7, 2018

Tier1 will help you determine which cloud approach is best for your business. And with Tier1's expertise with public and Tier1's own private cloud, Tier1 can handle any choice you make.

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Mastering The Cloud Journey: A 5-Step Process To Prepare, Execute And Deliver A Successful Cloud Strategy - April 4, 2018

Getting started on your business's journey to the cloud can be daunting—but detailed and proven methods can help you move forward confidently with regard to the overall process, the costs and benefits, risk management, and more. This webinar will touch on all those points and provide you with the answers you need to prepare, execute, and deliver a successful cloud strategy.

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Integration And The Cloud: Getting Your Applications To Work Together Seamlessly Across On-Premise And The Cloud - May 9, 2018

Tier1 knows that your journey to the cloud will take place over a number of years, and will require all of your applications to work together seamlessly regardless of whether they're in the cloud or inside your own firewall. This webinar will explore the best ways to ensure that all of your apps—regardless of location or platform—work together smoothly.

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Security In The Cloud: Separating The Myths From Reality To Optimize Your Cloud Investments - June 6, 2018

Because cloud technology is relatively new, and because the move to digital business makes data increasingly valuable, cybersecurity's more essential than ever before. Tier1's experience with traditional on-premise systems as well as with the leading cloud platforms allows us to share our extensive cybersecurity expertise and show you how to achieve world-class security for your data.

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Vendor Lock-In: Managing Multiple Cloud Providers - September 12, 2018

As businesses prepare to move to the cloud, one of their top priorities is ensuring that those customers retain full flexibility to move their data across various clouds without concern that any cloud vendor will "lock them in" or make it difficult to leave that vendor. This webinar will explain how Tier1's multi-cloud approach helps you avoid lock-in across public and our own private cloud; how we can integrate your business applications and data across those clouds; and how to determine the best platform for each of your apps based on licensing terms, workloads, geography, compliance, etc.

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