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Types of Cloud: Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Hybrid Clouds-What You Need to Know to Make the Cloud Work For You- February 8, 2018

We feel your pain—you've probably got a migraine from hearing the non-stop hype about "The Cloud!" This webinar's specifically designed to blow away the hype and to help you get a solid grasp on the business implications of the various cloud options. Focused on helping you pick the cloud approach that will be most beneficial to your business, this webinar will answer your questions on the attributes of public clouds, private clouds, and a mix of the two (hybrid). We'll also discuss how to make the cloud journey while also keeping and benefitting from the traditional systems.

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The Different "as a Service" Offerings- March 15, 2018

Tier1 understands how timely and frustrating it is to determine the right cloud procurement for your business. This webinar will demonstrate how you can fully maximize your cloud experience through a full set of cloud services—from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for compute and storage to Platform as a Service (PaaS) for databases and extending your applications.

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Infrastructure as a Service- April 12, 2018

With the rapid advances in cloud technology, it is important to be on your "A game". Infrastructure as a Service provides the most cost effective and efficient method. Throughout this webinar, you will be able to see your potential ROI by switching to IaaS.

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How to Migrate Applications and Databases to the Cloud- May 10, 2018

Tier1 knows that your journey to the cloud will take place over a number of years, and will require all of your applications to work together seamlessly regardless of whether they're in the cloud or inside your own firewall. This webinar will explore the best ways to ensure that all of your apps—regardless of location or platform—work together smoothly.

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ROI- What to Consider When Moving to the Cloud- June 7, 2018

Business leaders won't settle for a vague promise such as "You will save some money in the cloud, but no one knows how much." With the use of Tier1's ROI calculator, this webinar will show you your business's potential savings in both operational expenses and capital expenses by switching to the cloud.

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Overview of Microsoft Azure- September 6, 2018

Businesses today are facing a tricky challenge on technology: as enterprise technology gets increasingly complex and expensive to manage, the role of IT is becoming more strategic than ever before. This webinar was designed to show you how Microsoft Azure can handle the data-driven 24/7 requirements of modern digital business, unlike your traditional systems.

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Overview of Tier1's Private Oracle Cloud- October 11, 2018

Hosting Oracle applications and databases in-house can be costly, complex, and just plain frustrating. Expensive licensing fees, infrastructure, IT staffing retention and costs, and high power bills add up fast. This webinar will demonstrate how Tier1's Private Oracle Cloud was designed specifically to harness Oracle's power in the cloud and ease your IT frustrations.

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Security in the Cloud- How to Separate the Myths from the Truths- November 8, 2018

Because cloud technology is relatively new, and because the move to digital business makes data increasingly valuable, cybersecurity's more essential than ever before. This webinar will explain how you will achieve world-class security for your data.

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