On-Demand Webinars

Oracle FCCS: Lessons Learned in Implementation

FCCS in the Cloud was created to be an out-of-the-box solution, but there are still various factors that can impact your implementation. With numerous on-premise and cloud EPM implementations under their belts, our experts at Tier1 have some best practices and lessons learned to share with you.

Oracle EBS Release 12.2 Upgrades: What You Need to Know for a Successful Upgrade

Is upgrading to R12.2 EBS on your IT roadmap? R12.2 introduces enhanced user experience and functionality improvements, allowing you to increase overall productivity and efficiency of your company. With numerous upgrades under our belts, our experts at Tier1 have some best practices and lessons learned to share with you.

The Different "as a Service" Offerings

Throughout this webinar, you will discuss the differences between the three main cloud procurements: Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service, and how they can aid you in fully maximizing your cloud experience. Phil will provide examples of each solution and go in depth about their benefits versus the benefits of on-premise solutions. You will also learn how you can leverage these solutions to best increase your company's value and overcome your competition.

Types of Cloud: Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Hybrid Clouds-What You Need to Know to Make the Cloud Work For You

We feel your pain—you've probably got a migraine from hearing the non-stop hype about "The Cloud!" This webinar's specifically designed to blow away the hype and to help you get a solid grasp on the business implications of the various cloud options. Focused on helping you pick the cloud approach that will be most beneficial to your business, this webinar will answer your questions on the attributes of public clouds, private clouds, and a mix of the two (hybrid). We'll also discuss how to make the cloud journey while also keeping and benefitting from the traditional systems.

PBCS: A Real Life Lift and Shift

In this presentation, we take you through a real-life migration to PBCS. Along the way, we discuss our customer's initial concerns and how we were able to mitigate gaps to ensure a successful transition from on-premise to the Cloud. We compare our project plan to the actual tasks and milestones and we identify key customer resources contributions and final assessment. Watch the recording to learn about the "gotchas" and some of the key decisions that were made throughout the project.

Relieve Your Oracle License Audit Anxiety

Does an Oracle Technology audit have you anxious, worried, working on your resume? Watch Tier1's webinar to learn how to relieve your audit anxieties and pain using the Private Oracle Cloud with Trusted Partitions. Also, see how you can obtain significant savings in the case of an Oracle audit while also reducing the number of Oracle technology licenses required to support your environment. You can see license and support savings of 50% or more, while keeping active support contracts (including updates and access to Oracle Support).

The 3 Hyperion Environments: SaaS vs. On-premise vs. Hosted

In the ever-changing world of infrastructure and software, companies are constantly being challenged to optimize IT resources while maximizing data analysis. How does a company stay current with technology and manage costs at the same time? Watch this webinar to get a detailed breakdown of each environment and learn how to decide which is the best approach for you.

Reduce Operations Costs and Licensing Fees with Oracle EBS Cloud Hosting

Hosting Oracle EBS on premise keeps getting more challenging. Hiring and retaining talent, hardware replacement cycles, upgrades, patching, and tracking license compliance. Tier1 provides a simple migration path to resolve all of these issues. Watch this free webinar to understand how Tier1’s virtualization platform can reduce costs, complexity, and license fees for your EBS environment.

Smart View: Overcome the Complications

At Tier1, we have performed numerous upgrades, rebuilds and implementations for our customers so we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Smart View. Learn from our wealth of first-hand experience with this product. Watch this webinar to overcome the common pitfalls faced when using, and upgrading to, Smart View and learn key tips to take full advantage of the capabilities within the product.

Hyperion EPM Automation: How to Automate Your Hyperion Close Process

In this webinar, we uncover the diverse set of functions that the Hyperion EPM Toolset has to offer. You will learn how to automate and batch EPM functionality. We also explore the various opportunities for automation throughout the product suite, providing you the insight needed to reduce the keystrokes and human error involved in manual processes.

Disaster Recovery - You Can Afford It

In this 30 minute webinar, we discuss the technologies available today that can be used to create a comprehensive DR plan that is testable, and within almost all businesses' cost structures. Watch now to learn how using remote, from on-premise, VM servers, and careful file management, it is possible to build, test and rely on a private hosting provider to support your DR plan.

Private Cloud Deployment of Hyperion Applications

In this 30 minute webinar, we discuss the business and technical impacts of migrating to a Private Cloud infrastructure for your Hyperion framework. We also review the benefits of private hosting on a virtual environment, as well as the keys to a successful transition.

Is a Private Cloud solution right for your Oracle application and database needs?

In this webinar, we discuss the business and technical impacts of migrating to a Private Cloud infrastructure for your Oracle applications and databases. We also discuss the benefits of moving to the Tier1 Private Oracle Cloud and share lessons learned from migrations of a variety customers, including EBS, Hyperion, and custom applications.

OAUG eLearning Webinar: Can you really save money running Oracle EBS on VMs?

Many organizations are continuing to use Oracle E-Business Suite with on-premise hardware. Hardware refresh cycles inevitably results in increase technology license requirements (i.e., more licenses because there are more cores in your servers). Can this trend be stopped using virtualization technologies? Access to 'Trusted Partitions' is a game changing paradigm that will solve this problem. In this webinar, we will cover all of the major VM providers' solutions with regard to technology licenses, and demonstrate the cost savings of 'Trusted Partitions'.

Migrating from Hyperion Interactive Reporting to OBIEE Dashboards

In this webinar, we review the key features and benefits of the Oracle BI suite as reporting tools for your Hyperion data. Recent enhancements to OBIEE have strengthened the integration potentials with Hyperion. We explore the base features of configuring your Hyperion instance as a data source and the many analytical options available through OBIEE.

Trading Partner Integration for Oracle E-Business Suite

In this webinar, we review the purpose and advantages of exchanging Purchasing and Accounts Payable business transactions using EDI and explore how these are set-up within your EBS environment. Additionally, you will be introduced to extensible markup language (XML) and how XML-formatted files work within EDI.

Reduce Cost and Complexity with Private Cloud Deployment of Oracle Applications

In this webinar, Tier1 will present a discussion on the technical and business impacts of migrating to a Cloud infrastructure for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and Hyperion, and will discuss lessons learned from migrating early Cloud adopters.

Oracle E-Business 12.2 Architecture, Deployment, & Patching

A Tier1 and Central States OAUG Webinar. Tier1's experts will provide a discussion of the new capabilities in the Oracle Release 12.2 technology architecture, it's impact on the installation of Oracle EBS, and the new capabilities of online patching found in release 12.2.