How Microsoft—The World's #1 Cloud-Computing Company—Can Help You Cut Costs And Drive Growth

By Phil Rainsberger

As more and more businesses undergo their digital transformation, your customers will soon be expecting you to offer a wide range of digital services to make it easier for those customers to do business with you. 

Meanwhile, your competitors will be hoping you stick with the old-school processes and systems that were great in the past but just won't cut it in today's always-on business environment.

And for every type of company, the best approach to digital business is cloud computing, which allows businesses like yours to shift the cost and complexity of running big IT systems and applications and networks over to tech suppliers that do that for a living, thereby freeing up your people, budgets, and time to be focused on your products, services, and more importantly – your customers and opportunities.

At Tier1, we're leveraging our 15 years of enterprise-IT expertise with the unmatched cloud-computing expertise of the Microsoft Corp. to offer you a complete set of cloud services, databases, and applications that will help you slash unproductive IT costs, identify growth opportunities and prospects more precisely, and engage more intimately and productively with your existing customers.

Here's a quick overview of how Tier1 and Microsoft can help you gain the full business benefit of world-class cloud technology while devoting more of your company's precious resources to growing your business rather than running a big, low-value, "IT factory."

1. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

• Tier1 can tailor a low-cost Microsoft Azure Cloud solution to meet the specific needs of your business, with Tier1 and Microsoft managing all your technology needs.

• Tier1 can plan and execute your company's migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and also offer managed services for your cloud Iaas/PaaS solutions including applications and databases

• As your digital requirements accelerate, Tier1 can help you exploit the full technological prowess of Microsoft Azure to help your business move faster and create data-driven capabilities with such advanced tools as Azure SQL, Containers, Office 365/Exchange Online, Web/Mobile Applications, Power BI, Analytics, and more.

• With Tier1's extensive expertise in database technology and tools provided by Microsoft, you can easily migrate your traditional on-premises databases from your data center to Azure SQL.

2. Microsoft Dynamics365 Cloud Applications.

Tier1 can help you shift from your legacy ERP applications—Financials, Procurement, Supply Chain, etc.—to Microsoft's Dynamics365 SaaS applications. We have particular expertise with Oracle E-Business Suite and transitioning customers from it to Dynamics365, and can work with other legacy ERP applications as well.

Tier1 offers full life-cycle support for these Microsoft Dynamics365 cloud apps, from planning and implementation, to enhancements and upgrades of powerful new features and functionality, to rolling out new modules for you, and all the way out to ongoing managed services.

Tier1 will work with you to understand your specific needs for reports and dashboards, and then leverage Azure components to extend the functionality and reporting capabilities of Dynamics365 to deliver precisely what your business needs.

The new world of digital business requires companies to move faster than ever before, to know their customers better than ever before, to anticipate and exploit marketplace changes better than ever before, and to focus as much time and energy on growth as possible. 

And Microsoft Azure Cloud and Dynamics 365 were designed specifically to help your business do exactly that. To give you a sense of Microsoft's size and capabilities in today's enterprise-IT marketplace, consider this: Microsoft's market-cap is about $650 billion, and cloud computing is its #1 priority. 

That market-cap of $650 billion is far greater than the combined market-caps of some other very strong cloud-computing companies: Oracle ($198 billion), IBM ($142 billion), SAP ($134 billion), ($74 billion) and Workday ($22 billion).

So without question, Microsoft has the financial resources, the technology breadth and depth, the corporate commitment, and the global network of customers and partners to ensure that every business has a clear, cost-effective, and low-risk path to the cloud.

We at Tier1 are extremely excited about leveraging our 15 years of enterprise IT experience with our expanded cloud-computing expertise as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner, and we look forward to helping you map out and accelerate your transformation to digital business via the cloud.