How Cloud Computing Can Make Your Salespeople Smarter - And More Successful

By Phil Rainsberger

Does this type of conversation sound familiar?

CUSTOMER: "I'm very interested in these 3 products, but I'd like to boost the quantity of my order by 50%, with half of the expanded order in a different color and most with that new add-on product. What kind of discount can you give me for that, and how quickly can you deliver to the 4 locations involved?"

SALESPERSON: "Hey, that's great news! Let me put a call into the home office and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

CUSTOMER: "Is it really that hard? Can't you give me even a rough idea? Because as I told you, your competitor's all over me to win this deal, and I got customers breathing down my neck—I need this stuff now!" 

SALESPERSON: "Well, uh, no, it's not really 'hard'—it's just that for any deal over a certain size, I've gotta run it up the ladder and get headquarters' approval, and then our back-office team will work out the details."

CUSTOMER: (Sighs.) "You're killin' me—you know that, don't you? So how long will it take for the back-office geniuses to read the tea leaves or whatever the heck they do so they can give you an answer that you can then give to me?"

SALESPERSON: "Oh, heck, probably not long at all—I'll even put a rush on it. And besides, I'm pretty sure those other guys can't get you what you want any faster than we can."

CUSTOMER: "Yeah, well, I think I'm gonna have to find out if that's true or not. Because if you can't get me what I want when I want it and at the right price—and it looks like you can't—then I'll drop you and go with your competitors in a heartbeat!"

Your company makes great products and services that your customers love—but as your customers' needs change and their timetables accelerate, your old-fashioned processes and systems simply can't move at the speed of modern business. Frustrated customers are beating up your salespeople because your sales teams are out there all on their own—they don't have answers to customers' questions, they don't have up-to-the-second information, they're disconnected from your company's systems, and as a result they're unable to provide real-time information and make decisions that every type of business and customer is beginning to demand.

The solution to this maddening problem is in the cloud, which lets you tap into world-class systems and networks and applications that can give your salespeople the information they need at their fingertips to close deals at the point of the customer. And the cloud also lets you get out of the business of running your very own "IT factory" so that you can focus more of your time and resources on your customers and prospects.

With battle-tested cloud applications, your sales team can delight your customers by being fully connected to vital company information that lets them:

  • See in real-time the customer's purchasing history, payment history, credit status, fulfillment requirements and more;

  • Access up-to-the-second inventory levels to be able to commit to deliveries;

  • Specify shipments of various orders to multiple locations;

  • Configure a variety of different products to meet customers' increasingly demanding needs;

  • Schedule deliveries in real-time so customers can plan with confidence; and

  • Present your company to your customers in its very best light at every engagement.

Check out how the cloud can help your salespeople be more successful by giving them real-time access to the information and insights they need to meet the more demanding requirements of customers in today's increasingly digital economy.